‘Find Your Mojo’

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22nd April 2024

In a world where we can get easily distracted from our path,

we need to occasionally reassess & rekindle our Mojo.

“Find your mojo” is a phrase that means to find your unique formula for success.

We all lose our mojo. It happens to the best of us. It’s all part of this complex journey of being human.

One day we’re feeling all inspired and the next we can hardly sit up straight.

Or it can happen slowly, we’re busy working, getting on with things, but it feels like we’re slowly draining away.

And honestly, life just carries on, and we’re lying on our backs floating down the stream, which sounds nice, except that we’re floating backwards, and we can’t see which way we’re going and it’s disorientating.

The main thing is, when we lose our mojo, we can feel like we’re getting left behind.

We need to once again question our Why,

We need to re-ignite our passion to follow our dream,

We need to get our zest back,

and get on with overcoming the challenges of life.

The best way to rekindle your Mojo is to question your Why – What is it that moves you the most?

Identifying your why is critical.

What motivates you is the ignition to your passion, the source of your enthusiasm and the fuel of your persistence.

The power of your why is what gets you to stick through the grueling, mundane and laborious work.

All of the HOWs will be meaningless until your WHYs are powerful enough.

I love this analogy that Darren Hardy uses to bring this concept home.

“If I were to put a ten-inch-wide, thirty-foot-plank on the ground and say, “If you walk the length of the plank, I’ll give you twenty dollars” would you, do it?

Of course, it’s an easy twenty bucks.

But what if I took that same plank and made a roof-top bridge between two 100-story buildings?

That same twenty dollars for walking the thirty-foot plank no longer looks desirable or even possible, does it?

You’d look at me and say, not on your life.

However, if your child was on the opposite building, and the building was on fire, would you walk the length of the plank to save him/her?

Without question and immediately – you’d do it, twenty dollars or not.”

What changed?  The risks and dangers were the same – but your Why changed.

The reason was big enough and you were willing to perform almost any ‘How’.

Spend some time reflecting on what makes you tick and challenge yourself to do something you’ve never done before.

Connect with the future you desire.

Reflect on the long-term goals that get you excited.

If that takes time, exploit the power of small wins and engage in activities that cultivate a state of ‘flow.

Find your Mojo, follow your dreams and stay blessed forever.