‘..And that’s OK.’

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15th June 2024

When homing in on how to be happier, it’s easier to concentrate on all the negatives you need to eliminate in your life: Toxic positivity, comparing yourself to others, the business not working out, deal gone sour, relationship breaking up, etc. etc.

Weeding out unpleasant things can help, but it’s just as important to take an additive approach and think of small things you could add to your life to boost your spirits.

There is a Great list of tiny life hacks that created outsized rewards in people’s lives.

A few of my favorites are,

Picking up the phone once per day to call a family member or an estranged friend (relationships are everything).

Reading before bed every night (improves sleep).

Taking long walks every weekend (nature + walking = win).

Helping someone without expectations,

Being kind and doing a good deed every day

I have also started adding”…and that’s OK” to the end of my sentences.

Instead of going into a doom spiral of something I haven’t achieved, or have spectacularly messed up, this simple three word phrase helps me to realize, that everything I have to contend with is workable.

“There are many times where saying, ‘…and that’s OK’ helps to take the sting out of life’s inevitable ups and downs.

Most things don’t matter but we make an issue about them.

Follow the 5*5 rule, if it won’t matter in 5 years, don’t spend more than 5 minutes on it,  just say, ‘..And that’s ok.’ and Stay blessed forever.