‘You are Amazing!’

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26th June 2024

It’s strange when one day you’re looking at your to-do list and conquering it at great speed, only the next day, to not care at all, ambushed by this sense of lack and not even knowing where to begin.

But then, you hope this strange cloud will begin to lift as you place your hand back to the plow.

And that’s the time to remember, what if instead of being plagued with feelings of insignificance, you believed that you were far more amazing than what you could even think.

What if there’s huge significance in what you do, in the work you create?

Sometimes we get in the way of us: of our goals, of achievement, and what we really want to do all the time.

Sometimes, you need something to remind you how special and unique you are.

Realising your value and what you bring to the world can be a great way to build your confidence and remind you of your uniqueness.

That is the time to remember that, the divine force which has created the Galaxy, the earth, the mountains, the oceans and all the wonders, looked at you & said, the world needs one of you too for it to be completed.

Understand your worth,

Value your life,

Appreciate your blessings.

You have been sent here for a purpose, find it, fulfill that &

Stay blessed forever.