Happy Durga Ashthmi

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09th April, 2022

During Chaitra Navratri, We celebrate the nine forms of the Goddess, the Universal mother, an embodiment of power.

According to mythological scripts, Goddess Durga appeared on the day of Chaitra Navratri and created the universe at the request of Lord Brahma.

Thus, We bow to her and seek her blessings.

In celebrating the Divine Feminine, we come to know the True Beauty and the most powerful dimension of life.

Without the feminine energy or “Shakti,” there would be nothing in existence.

If the feminine is lost on the planet, nothing of beauty, nothing of tenderness, nothing of truly aesthetic value will survive.

Ashthmi is also the day to feel thankful, a day of gratitude, when you finish your fasting and pay your gratitude to the Divine Mother.

It is also a day to remember that, “The gist of all worship is to be pure & to do good to others.

He who sees God in the poor, in the weak & in the diseased, really worships.

He, who sees God only in the Image, his worship is but Preliminary.”

May the Goddess illuminate your life with countless blessings and fill your life with positivity, strength, wisdom and devotion and may you stay blessed forever.