Enjoy Life, Despite The Problems… They Are Solvable

Enjoy Life, Despite The Problems… They Are Solvable

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A Saint was sitting on the bank of the river since a long time, watching the water flow by,

Someone asked “what are you doing Sir?”

The Saint replied:  I am waiting for the whole river to flow, then I will cross it.

That person said, ′′ Holiness, you will never be able to cross the river like that, while waiting for the whole water to flow. That can’t happen , the flow will never stop, the water will just keep on coming!”

The Saint said, “this is what I want to explain to you : you people always say ,that once the responsibilities of life are fulfilled, Once I finish this task, then I will have fun.”

Just like the water of the river will never end, the responsibilities of life never end.

Have fun, roam around, meet everyone, share and care, give and serve.

Find a way to cross the water while it is flowing.

Enjoy your weekend despite your responsibilities and stay blessed forever.